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Why is nobody addressing the cyber security issue?

Cyber security is a term that has been making rounds in news, tabloids, on blogs and has gained rather immense popularity lately even amongst the general masses. In lay man’s language, cyber security basically is a method of protection of technological devices like computers, mobile phones, networks and any other device that operates on data augmentation and exchange from malevolent attacks and potential threats that might aim at extracting data and personal information of a user or group. The attacker or “the spoofer” or like we say it in a rather broad spectrum term, “the hacker” might aim at extracting sensitive information to misuse it, which in reality, is not only illegal but also tremendously unethical.

Data breaches globally are rising at a rapid rate and yet, even though today, a 3 year old knows how to operate a tab or a smartphone, most people are unaware of the threats cyber crime posses or what sort of cyber security upgradations they must indulge in order to stay safe virtually because this is a topic that isn’t being stressed upon much. One of the reasons for this could be seen as a purely politicized agenda as most governments are now tracking the virtual movements of their populous in order to manipulate the voter bank.

Your information is not safe and there is no soft way of putting this. Be it the political parties or tech giants like Google and Facebook, you’re constantly being tracked and your information is being collected by third party companies and being further sold to such companies and political parties to navigate, understand and further influence your behavior. Cybercrime can be used as a means to not only attack a certain person but also create a stream of panic and fear by the means of cyber terrorism, a new and upcoming way of stifling the masses while they sit at home behind the screen.

Cyber security is not just an “IT problem” anymore because most of us live our lives more virtually than in reality nowadays. All our passwords, details, intimate information, it’s all out there and just a click away if the right protocol isn’t followed and yet, we aren’t briefed about essential security measures that we must follow in order to safeguard all our information that goes beyond our bank details. Also, the knowledge and scope of cybersecurity that a lay man is acquainted with, is very limited. It's a global problem that is affecting everyone equally. Another reason why it isn’t being discussed at length is that there is an endless number of ways in which a cyber crime can be committed and though the solutions for most are available, they aren’t always a hundred percent effective.

When we pay attention to news that talks about cyber breaches or attacks, one commonality between most of those is the fact that there is no online system that is entirely immune to vulnerabilities. Also, there is no foolproof way of gauging or guaranteeing whether your intellectual property is cyber crime risk-free or not. The gap between the requirements of cyber security and the available solutions keeps on fluctuating time and again, making it a perilous terrain. Another reason behind why this issue isn’t being discussed much is because of the approach taken to build solutions for the same; it doesn’t aim at curbing the problem but rather at mitigating it because of the indefinite area that this issue covers. The need of the hour is equip our coming generations and the current community with tools to protect themselves from cyber crime before it gets too late.

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