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Why Digital Marketing is necessary for all Brands and Businesses?

Living in the unprecedented times of a pandemic, it is but natural for one to wonder what the future has in store for us. Sure, most corporations have been suffering, but the effect on small businesses and organizations has been unparalleled. Without the intention of being mistaken as an alarmist, I believe this would prove to be the deciding factor of whether or not an organization has the potential to survive and thrive. The introduction of hurdles and barriers pertaining to the entire system of live events, conferences, and face-to-face advertising to promote businesses has left companies askew. In such circumstances, the virtues of resilience and adaptability become the key to one's survival, not to mention the survival of a company. Development of contingent solutions and mitigating ongoing crises is how one should tackle said issues.

An excellent way of doing that, for the time, is investing in the ever so resourceful field of Digital Marketing. If your business just so happens to be one in which face-to-face meetings are a necessity, you are now in a position of losing clients for the reason that the majority of your prospective clients would avoid any human interaction. The idea of waltzing in and shaking your hand and dealing with someone does not prove to be the idea they have in their mind anymore. Switching over to online marketing appears and is the best alternative. It is, at the moment, a bloodbath out there, and the only way an organization would survive is by stepping up their Digital Marketing game.

The reality is not that Digital Marketing is a bad thing; in fact, it is the polar opposite of it. It is easy to implement and cost-effective, bringing along with itself paramount profit, and the following paragraphs would describe why such is its nature. Designing and asserting your own web presence goes a long way towards encompassing customers for your service or product. Day-to-day hours of your business do not apply to the realm of the internet. Here, potential customers are active round the clock, which not only helps increase visibility by a lot but also makes your product available to the customer at all times. Your business appears to be open when at times when in reality, it is closed.

The real world is a cold place ruled by giant MNCs, and you might have seen the evidence for yourself. Shops and buildings being destroyed only for them to be reconstructed for a mall full of big brands, large companies moving into towns and wiping out comparatively smaller businesses, it is all in front of us. Amazon would be called the online equivalent of this, headed by the richest man in the world. It is but wise to understand that corporations no longer have a grip on the steering wheel; it is the public that is in the driver's seat as of now. Such a circumstance warrants, and even demands more engagement in conversations with the community, forming actual relations with customers and building brand loyalty.

What Digital Marketing does, is somewhere along the lines of leveling the playing field and providing you with a fighting chance against corporate giants. On the web, there is no apparent bias toward huge organizations. Through effective marketing strategies such as SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, one can manage to be as visible and appealing to leads and clients as large corporations are. It stands out to be a beacon of hope for small businesses, as it promises visibility based on relevancy that gives them a chance to compete in the major leagues without being a giant in the first place. A corporation stands a negligent chance of buying their way on to the top of the search links. They have to compete in the same field and in the same manner as a regular small shop. This is one of the most remarkable things about Digital Marketing.

One important thing to note and to affirm to yourself is that the customers you are looking for are in fact in search of you as well. There is a vast clientele population out there on the internet waiting for you to display your services, and only by establishing a web presence, can you make your services available to them. It seems to be an opportunity ripe for the taking, and if you don’t take advantage of it in the given time, you might lose to your competitors who have probably established their online presence.

It is also noteworthy that through easy to use digital marketing analytics resources and software, the ability to directly target certain demographic presents itself. You can present your services directly to the people who are most likely to buy them, consequently increasing your sales severalfold. Tracking your progress and growth also becomes easier through this method. It provides assistance in reviewing where to invest more, where to hold back and what one lacks in a particular sector. Keeping a record of growth trends and being observant as well as consistent in one’s efforts is how one walks the path of success.

In lieu of draining exorbitant funds for advertising like the usual media of marketing do, Digital Marketing actually proves to be quite easy on the pockets. That means even if the situation demands top-notch results in a tight budget, numerous forms of digital marketing act as a bridge between a wide range of audiences, and overcoming the communication barrier becomes a piece of cake.

There are statistical analyses and various industry trends to show you that the adoption of Digital Marketing techniques always concludes in tremendous profit, regardless of the industry or the field. Moreover, reliable studies confirm that some form of marketing can be more than 3 times the cost of online advertisement; and marketers in the habit of being persistent in their efforts of publishing relevant content and valuable blogs increase their chances of receiving a positive Return on Investment by 13 percent. Those look like odds you want in your favor, don’t they?

Several research efforts by the Blue Nile Research concluded in their assessment that close to 80 percent of customers use mediums such as search, brand websites, and customer review to assess and evaluate service quality. A significant amount of netizens also make use of social media for their product review. All of this leads you to one thing; you can’t compete in the game if you aren’t a player. Planned and proper investing in all of this is bound to yield a great return on investment, which can then be optimized to better their marketing strategies and services.

Digital Marketing allows business owners to spend less on one comparatively cheap yet overtly effective method of marketing, all while investing the money saved into a rather traditional method of advertisement equitably. At the end of the day, cost-efficient yet impactful marketing strategies are how businesses make the most out of their budget. One of the most surreal yet true statements is that every 70 rupees you spend on Email Marketing (having the highest ROI out of all methods), you could potentially earn a sum total of 3000 rupees. Shocking? Yes. Effective digital marketing efforts such as PPC campaigns or social media campaigns cost less than their non-digital counterparts and yield impressive amounts of ROI. This is how a company grows and its profits begin to skyrocket.

Social media is, in these grim times, emerging as a platform with real potential. Through this, your brand is made to engage with the general public in a much attractive setting. This way, one gets a chance to answer questions relating to the service, take care of any concerns that may arise, and overall, build effective communication with your audience. This significantly furthers and advocates the cause of laying the foundation for brand loyalty and user awareness.

When you visit a truly good online website, its prominent trait, as one would notice, would be its personalization. Not only does it lead to the user what’s best for them per their choices, but it also provides a familiar, homey feel. It is a step toward brand loyalty. A constructive way to get hold of this concept would be user-generated content, which provides you with unprecedented creative input, all while creating a provider-customer bond. A creatively and beautifully executed example of this would be the social media campaign started by GoPro. Their execution of this strategy included the announcement of a 'Photo of the Day’ event, which would go-ahead to feature a customer-clicked photograph every day on their respective social media sites. This would not only become an excellent engagement maneuver but also come on the foothills of proving to an extensive amount of people the merits of the camera. The public is then allowed to vote upon their most liked picture on the GoPro award page. Spreading the word about their project, fostering customer relations, and incentivizing users to do your bidding, all in one stone, is how a genius marketing strategy is formulated.

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