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Why Content Writing Is Booming And Will Continue To Grow

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life” – Unknown

Content is all about talking to your audience using written words. So, whether you are talking to them through the company brochure, your TV ads, your product wrapper, books, your website, social media posts, videos, audio podcasts, newsletters, memes or any other form – all of it is content. That vast and all-encompassing it is!

Whether you are an individual trying to scale up your influence, a business trying to engage your customers, a community trying to expand its reach – one has to let his/her/its voice be heard far and wide and this can only be achieved through written content.

So, the content was always there since the start of the age of industrialization but it looks like it has suddenly come to the front of marketing and communication now. Yes, content writing is one of the most aspired career options of this generation and one of the most in-demand services of the corporate world today.

There are primarily two reasons for this sudden development:

1.The slow, gradual changes that were taking place in technology, internet and a shift from offline to the online world

The invention of the internet was a gateway to the creation of an alternate reality. Since internet came into being, gradually each of us began to go online to visit sites, search for information, read books, meet people, make friends, buy products (services), review services, recommend products and people, work to make a living, entertain ourselves, seek inspiration, motivate others and so much more. Gradually, we started spending more time on internet and less time offline. This shift was noted by businesses who now had to create an online presence if they were to seek the attention of their target audience and hence, businesses started to create content to build their visibility online. This began in the form of a website but it grew exponentially with the advent of social media. The virtual world, as many call it, is an ecosystem in itself and any individual or organization that wants to create a meaningful presence needs targeted and well-researched content for it. Bit by bit, companies were creating content to enhance their image online and connect with their audience. This process was gradual and not every organization felt the need to do this since they believed that people were spending only a part of their life online. The rest of the time, they were still spending in offline activities like working, meeting and interacting with others. Hence, not everybody was in a hurry or had the strategic vision to come online.

2. COVID and its short and long term consequences on business and life

COVID just did not have implication on health and mortality. It disrupted life, business and how we interacted as a species. Lockdowns and social distancing meant that people had to adapt to a new lifestyle, overnight! This new lifestyle meant spending even more time online. It brought almost all the interaction online. Businesses that were slow in their adaptation of their online model, were forced to speed up the process since they did not have much of an engagement offline.

The first reason created the entire framework and the second reason gave the much needed compulsion to make the transition for all. That’s why content writing services have suddenly come at the forefront of every business that is trying to adapt to this new normal.

So, what are the different forms of content that individuals and businesses need – it may be in the form of articles, blog posts, website pages, newsletters, social media engagement, forum posts, online ads, Vlogs, video scripts, and audio podcasts.

Now the next question that comes to mind is that how does content help individuals and businesses online:

  1. Content helps organizations talk to and engage with their target audience

  2. Content adds value to the reader and motivates him (her) to keep coming back for more

  3. The content encourages readers to take action

  4. Content influences the decision-making ability of the readers and helps them make choices that provide a win-win solution to both audience and service providers

  5. Content helps organizations to differentiate themselves. A well-crafted content helps a company stand out, separate wheat from the chaff!

  6. Content makes a personal connection with readers, helps them to discover aspects about their own selves which they may be unaware of

  7. Content informs, empowers and encourages readers to take charge and establishes a brand as a credible source to seek information and help from!

As is clear from the above list that content can itself become a complete marketing tool for an organization. But for a piece of content to deliver the above expectations, it should be

  • Well-researched

  • Written with a clear objective

  • Original and error-free

  • Engaging

  • With a clear CTA (call to action)

  • Optimized in terms of tone and linguistic complexity to cater to the needs of target audience

Content writing is a serious business. Its ability to become a brand’s voice is what makes it important, influential and non-negotiable. So, while businesses are exploring ways to create a new normal, content writing is going to play a huge role in defining the scope and scalability of brands in the online world. It is both exciting and intriguing since it will be largely through content that the initial impressions about a brand would be created among the minds of prospects. Add to this the internet connectivity and the wide reach of social media and we know that these first impressions would be here to stay. So, it becomes very critical for organizations to have a detailed, well-thought strategy for content creation that would focus on the brand’s objectives and would have the depth required to make a kick ass initial impression.

Content writing is here to stay. It is still in its initial stages and a lot of exploration is yet to be done in times to come. But one thing is for sure, for organizations looking for the next stimulus for growth, the answer could lie in coming up with the right kind of content.

Does your organization have a strategy for content or have you missed the bus?

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