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What is content marketing?

Well, here marketing of only the concerned only product or service occurs. Content simply is like a tool for the promotion of it. One can claim that the term ‘content marketing’ is appeared moreover in this digital arena. Otherwise, there has to be some ‘content’ for any kind of promotion.

Even with door to door traditional marketing, one has to use some words or terms of promotion. But the thing is that here content is not planned for a target audience. Also, here there is no specific platform for promoting the content. Coming to what we refer to as ‘content marketing’ here, everything occurs as per the plan. This marketing mainly aims at the digital arena.

Content marketing is effective over the digital platform as here audiences carefully go through the contents. Here you read content as you have searched for it or have made queries related to it. Here, a marketer doesn’t randomly reach the potential customer. Rather, the marketer reaches to those who have searched for it. Naturally, the possibility of these potential customers turning into buying customers remains high.

Most significant forms of content used for today’s content marketing:

The world of content certainly is boundless, as it is a matter of creativity. However, one can segment the entire content marketing domain into the following forms. A few years past, content marketing was limited to written content. With the inception of concepts like podcasts and videos, marketers have audio and video options. Anyway, the following forms of content are mainly active these days for marketing.

Blog and articles:

This is certainly the most traditional form of content used in the content marketing arena. Blogs are comparatively casual. On the other hand, the articles are more formal. The size of these contents is quite precise. These contents should not take more than 10-15 minutes for the audience to read. The most important aspect of these contents is its optimization. These are the most frequently used content among digital marketers. Though the content length is short, the right use of keywords and optimization is highly important.

Podcast and audio recordings:

Podcast contents are indeed trending. Though here, technical optimization is not much; one needs to maintain optimal quality. After all, the only thing that has to engage the audience here is the words or contents. One doesn’t need to worry about platforms much. However, rejection possibility always remains there if the quality is not optimal. Reports suggest that 83 percent of mobile users watch videos without sound in the US. This aspect depicts the prospect of podcasts. Around 104 million podcast audiences belong to the US only.


These are highly professional forms of content. It is quite specific and informative. At the same time, the content has to maintain a proper professional tone. Though there is no specific length constraint, it depends upon the duration of the webinar.


Undoubtedly, ebooks are highly trending these days. These forms of content are lengthy. Therefore, this is one of the most challenging forms of all. Here the content needs to be information-rich and interesting as well. Storytelling has to be creative here. Otherwise, the audience may get away anytime.

Presentations, Research reports, and white papers:

These are also quite lengthy forms of content. The prime difference between it and ebook content is that the former is much formal. In these types of content, one needs to stick well with the topic and make it informative. Additionally, there should be proper analysis as well. Presentations, like the contents of slide share, also fall under the same category. Usage of the right image plays a key role in these forms of content.

Video contents:

When the internet is easily available, videos have to be the most significant content form. The scope to be creative with content is immense here. There is no barrier of length. One can engage the audience even for hours if the content quality is optimal. The productivity level is also quite high. With platforms like YouTube, video content marketing has gone highly encouraging ever.

Most importantly, the level of brand visibility is huge with these types of content. Statistics claim that the retention rate of the audience or viewers is 95% with videos. Therefore, marketers are paying so much emphasis on video content.

E-mail contents or e-newsletters:

These contents are quite formal. Content length has to be precise and attractive. Though not much research needed for it, one needs to be very specific about the subject line.

Social media posts:

These are highly promotional forms of content. It can have a perfect blend of videos and images as well. Contents for these platforms must be creative and catchy. With the rising number of social media users, needless is to say that it is currently the most lucrative of all options. Statistics suggest that there are 376.1 million users over social media in 2020. This should be enough to depict how significant this platform is at present.

Analytic and Statistical details relevant to today’s content marketing:

  • Statistics claim that over 26 percent of adults in the United States remain online, 24x7. As far as remaining online daily is concerned, 77 percent of people in the US fall under it.

  • The number of people using the internet has crossed 4 billion marks. However, over 3.7 billion users belong to smartphone categories.

  • The number of social media users has immensely grown as well; it has gone beyond 3 billion.

  • 79 percent of users of the internet have their accounts on YouTube.

  • According to content marketing institute research, over 91 percent of B2B marketers believe content marketing is significant. They use this form of marketing to reach the target audience. The same report suggests that over 86 percent of B2C marketers also believe in content marketing.

  • From search engine perspectives, about 65 percent of marketers are enquiring about content marketing.

  • Around 75 percent of marketers believe that content marketing is the most engaging of all. Most importantly, above 72 percent of marketers think ROI through content marketing has grown immensely.

  • Investment in ads on Facebook is going to grow around 23 percent in 2021. Same is the case with Instagram, as well.

Prospect 2021:

2021 is going to be incredibly significant from a content marketing perspective. Yes, there are constraints of issues like a pandemic. But, content marketing is still going to remain relevant in most parts of the world. The following aspects one should keep in mind for strategizing content marketing in 2021.

  • Video content is going to rule in 2021. Considering the ease of availability of internet, it has to be such prominent. Statistics say there are already over 4 billion internet users. Most importantly, with a 95 percent engagement rate, video content seems a win-win strategy. Specifically, platforms like YouTube are going to be highly prolific in the upcoming year. There are a whopping 2 billion users of YouTube around the world.

  • Social media is going to be one of the major platforms for content marketers in 2021. With the number of social media users crossing 4 billion marks, this seems quite obvious. To be specific, Facebook and Twitter are still going to remain significant in 2021. Statistics claim that about 70 percent of people buy something upon knowing about it through Twitter. It is already mentioned in the above section how advertisement investments on Facebook and Instagram will grow in 2021.

  • The effects of a pandemic will be there in the content marketing arena as well. With almost every business owner preferring to have a web presence after this pandemic, content marketing's relevance seems obvious. Users also prefer digital transactions from safety perspectives.

  • Podcast contents are going to rock the 2021 content marketing arena. Statistics claim that the podcast user base can cross $1.1 billion in 2021. Hence, it is quite obvious for content marketers to show greater interest in it. A growing number of users enjoying content without sound do make prospects of podcast content even brighter.

  • Digital marketing is going to be very much an integral part of every marketing segment in the forthcoming years. This makes scenarios for content marketers even more encouraging. Considering content is the most fundamental aspect of digital marketing, content marketing has to remain significant.

Top brands doing content marketing and encouraging others:

Content marketing is not just limited to small scale ventures or digital ventures. Large MNCs are very much using this strategy to market their products. It is not also unclear about how they are making most of it. Most importantly, they are encouraging thousands to do content marketing. Below are some of the influential companies that are doing content marketing.

American Express:

Popular credit card company American Express is certainly one of the most popular brands doing content marketing. One may simply Google about them to know how influential they are in this segment.


Content marketing certainly holds a major role in making this a favorite among thousands. Especially, their content marketing strategy over social media is worth inspiring.

Virgin Mobile:

Virgin Mobile is one of the very early contenders to do content marketing. They post regular content through Virgin Mobile Live.


IBM has been a firm believer in content marketing. Many people don’t know, but they have an in-house team of bloggers and content writers.


Content marketing holds a major role in the immense success of Linked In. Specifically, it is a great platform to go through business-related content.

Why go with a content writing agency?

Content marketing is true, significant. Thousands are opting for this in modern times as well. However, not every one of them is getting success. The prime reason behind this is that content marketing has gone much strategic these days. Most importantly, content quality holds a lot of importance.

Also, it is equally essential to possess knowledge about optimization techniques as well. Keeping all these aspects in mind, it seems highly essential to go with a prominent content marketing agency that understands all these aspects. Those looking for a leading content marketing agency may take the following names into account.

Top Content Marketing Agencies in Ahmedabad

Write Right:

As their name suggests, they know how to write it right that sells. Write Right can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of content requirements. Starting from academic writing, blogging to ghostwriting, they know every nook of content forms. Led by Bhavik Sarkhedi, the company is currently one of the most celebrated names in the content arena. Bhavik is the author of best-selling f ‘The Weak Point Dealer’ and ‘Will You Walk A Mile? Having an in-house team of 25+ highly experienced writers, they are always confident of meeting deadlines.


Estorytellers is another prominent name in the content marketing. They guarantee quality content with no plagiarism issue. Their customer support team remains 24x7 available for the clients. Moreover, they house a team of more than 25 writers with huge experience. Carrying massive experience in this field, they can serve all forms of content assuring about ultimate quality. Along with traditional forms of writing, they also provide SOP (Statement of Purpose) writing services.


Taletel is another popular content agency. They can offer a whole range of content writing services. However, they are specifically known for offering creative content writing services. They can offer offbeat content forms that they have managed to create a unique reputation in the content arena. Ebook, novel, slogans, broachers, etc., are some of the best examples. The company is having a huge team of experienced content writers guaranteeing about best quality. They hold an incredible reputation for delivering content within the deadline, always.

Dad of Ad:

As the name suggests, Dad of Ad is a well-known name in the digital advertising arena. Creative advertising has been their specialty. Taking content service to a new level, they help clients complete media planning and outreach. They are equally known for offering quality content for PR campaigns as well. Having an in-house team of content experts with huge experience, Dad of Ad can be reliable enough for a whole range of content requirements.

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