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Top 5 Digital Marketing Influencers in India

Nowadays, uncertainty and competition kept many businesses on their toes due to several socio-economic changes. But thanks to the world wide web, with several people connected to the internet on the face of the planet, created various opportunities to lure potential customers to sell their products and services through online shopping sites, and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora, etc. This helped people with similar interests meet and discuss their concerns and plans. Especially, the advent of social media made things easier for advertisers and marketers by building backlinks to their online shopping sites. Amassing a large following on one social media platform is an impressive feat, but the ability to diversify across multiple social platforms enables influencers to reach a whole new level of success with a huge number of followers. Today’s top social media influencers connect with millions of fans through an increasingly wide range of mediums and formats. This enables brands the opportunity to intensify their influencer marketing drives and cross-promote their services through the vast network, which influencers have built.

Cold-calling is a technique in which a sales-person contact potential customers individually and offer products and services. Cold-calling typically refers not only in-person visits, such as with door-to-door visit but also contacting consumers by phone or telemarketing to sell a product or service. To be successful in cold-calling, salespersons should be persistent and willing to face repeated rejection. In order to success, they need to thoroughly research and analyse the demographics of their prospects and the market. Consequently, businesses that rely heavily on cold calling have a high rejection rate from the clients. In contrast, digital marketing made things easier for businesses and to be frank, it revolutionized marketing methods of previous era.

Businesses got attracted by the digital marketing and considered that they could succeed beyond expectations by using it. The social media influencing has inspired them to operate companies successfully in this competitive world because of its advantage in reaching consumers directly and easily. It is believed that digital marketing is in its prime and manifests its full potential soon. According to several reviews, the market is wide open for both entry-level and experienced digital marketers, and they are among the most sought-after professionals for many organizations. As a result, many companies offer careers to digital marketers to meet their plans and needs. There are so many digital marketing companies and professionals are available to get services from but choosing the right decision helps businesses excel in all their endeavours. Now, I would like to share the top five contemporary digital marketing experts operating their services from India.

Amit Panchal:

He is a magnificent Digital Marketing Consultant with more than ten years of experience in the field. He is a distinguished blogger and has an authority over Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, and Reputation Management. He is better known for creating exceptional branding and marketing solutions for various corporate firms across the globe. He is partner of many rising domestic and international corporations. He helps businesses transform their online presence and make the brand ready for digital growth. Apart from creating effective digital marketing strategies, he is working as a mentor at GUSEC i.e., Gujarat University Start-up & Entrepreneurship Council besides working as an incubator at Silver oak College, Ahmadabad. Moreover, he is a visiting faculty for many business and educational organizations. He is also a social media influencer Best known as a consultant of digital marketing services and influencer on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with more than twoscore thousand followers on Twitter and more than ten thousand connections on LinkedIn. He was a part of Social Media Week events in India for Mumbai & Bangalore as a Social Media Strategist. He’s a friendly person and ready to support and help the needy. He is a philanthropist and better known as a co-founder of the non-governmental organization, the Blood Monk, a social initiative for donating and getting blood. He has been appreciated by a wide range of media for this act of noble cause.

Bhavik Sarkhedi

He is a versatile writer and an entrepreneur. He is a founder of a number content writing companies, to support the requirements of Indian business and trade. Top-Notch Content Writing Company. 360 Degree Solution to your content writing service requirements. We write it right because our clients think we are better content writing agencies than others. We eat and drink content; trust us. Technical, advertising, marketing, non-technical, and SOP writing, we grasp it and so you can digest it. Write Right is globally ranked by Good firms and Clutch as the best among the best content writing agency for India and abroad. Write-right proved to be a leading partner as many clients bank on its incredible services in content marketing segment of the industry. The satisfied clients and aspiring start-ups have led Write Right’s five Years in Service to become Greater and Greater every day. Bhavik sarkedi is a man of letters and published many books and novels which turn out to be best sellers and available on Amazon. The Weak Point Dealer is a delightful collection of Short Stories that consolidate the genres like Endurance, Fortitude, Motivation, Love, and Revenge. The C To T of Content Marketing is professional work deals the fundamentals of content marketing. While talking about digital marketing, we cannot ignore content marketing. The Un-proposed Guy is about a significant change in the life of Kevin, with his boring monotonous routine, pretty normal family, and continuously falling apart relationships, until he finds out about an abnormal psychological trait in himself 'Existential Crisis'. Will You Walk a Mile? is a Metaphysical fictional love story of a 21st-century boy and a 22nd-century girl. This Metaphysical fiction focuses on the ‘Social Changes’ prevailing today.

Sorav Jain

He is an entrepreneur, and one of India’s top digital marketers and also a skilled consultant, trainer, author, and a motivational speaker. He has a qualified Master’s in International Marketing Management from Leeds University Business School and is a proud alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai. He is a child prodigy and started his career at an age of 17 as an SEO executive and carring about ten years of Industry experience. He spearheads echoVME, a digital marketing services agency based in Chennai, where some of the best Social Media Strategists work in harmony to drive the best results. Owing to his passion for teaching Digital, in 2019, he started Digital Scholar, a Digital Marketing agency to train individuals who has a strong passion in Digital Marketing. It is situated in Chennai and covers more than 12 different modules that touch all the major aspects of Digital Marketing. The approach followed here is practical and goes beyond classroom training; this makes students work-ready from the day one. Sorav has been listed as Top Social Media Marketers under the age of 30 by Social Samosa and Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him as ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India. He is also a corporate trainer and regularly hosts programs for Information Technology and related firms. Moreover, He leads one of the top Digital Marketing communities on Facebook with more than sixty thousand members titled Digital Marketing Question and Answers on Facebook.

Sorav has authored some highly insightful books about Digital Marketing. His first book, Social Media for Business, is on success stories of Indian Brands in the 21st century, which takes you, through thoughts, illustrations, examples, and proven models to go beyond just the realization. His next book, 101 Content Marketing Tips, is on Social Media, which was a quick handbook full of practical tips. His latest book, Become A Brand, which is a comprehensive guide on how to build your brand on Social Media with many examples and Case Studies from the Indian to Global market.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is a digital marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He is an author, trainer, and consultant in the field of digital marketing. He has more than ten years of experience in digital marketing. He runs a digital marketing company called PixelTrack and has many Fortune 500 companies as his clients. He has written a book on entrepreneurship called Edge of Sanity. He is also a TEDx speaker. He runs the world’s largest Digital Marketing group on Facebook called Learn Digital Marketing. His hobbies include motorcycling and playing guitar. He created a free digital marketing course to help upcoming digital marketing enthusiasts. DigitalDeepak.com is the most comprehensive blog about Digital Marketing. It focuses on Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Copywriting. He is a columnist at Entrepreneur.com and YourStory.com His first venture is an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with more than one lakh followers and more than one million page views per month. After that, He has worked as a digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. He writes, speaks and give consultation on digital marketing. Digitaldeepak.com is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well-known brand. Deepak masters Email Marketing like no-one else. Email marketing is his unique selling point. The way he creates his dynamic email funnels is amazing and gives a clear idea to customers.

Digital Prateek

Digital Pratik is into his 30s and he is the smiling dude, the practical practitioner of life & the Indian Romeo of building a successful & powerful personal brand by applying branding & marketing strategies that work in the now. Digital Pratik is a Personal Branding Practitioner & a Social Media Influencer who delivers consistent value on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more. He also trains professionals with his coaching, mentoring & consulting programs. But all of this didn't happen overnight. All of this started way back in the days of 2010. Daily he learns something new in his life, daily he applies that something new which he has learned in his life, and daily he shares that something new, which he has learned and applied in his life, with other people. He has been subconsciously doing it since his school days. And there is an interesting fact mentioned in the video below which happened with him in 9th standard. And in this video, he is talking to one of the professors from Ahmedabad University where he was invited as a keynote speaker in 2019. Digital Pratik started his journey with humble origins. He started his career in a call centre in 2010 and started learning digital marketing as a hobby. Started his first-ever YouTube channel in 2014 and has experience uploading more than seven hundred videos on YouTube and running campaigns on digital marketing in other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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