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Top 3 Digital Marketing Influencers of Ahmedabad

Digital Marketing is one such industry that is going through a rapid boom all over the world. You can be an individual, an entrepreneur, a business, or a group, to shine consistently on the internet as an identity you need to take the help of the right digital marketing strategies.

Though it's not easy to rise to the top charts of being a digital marketing influencer in today's world, here is a list of the Top 3 Digital Marketing Influencers of Ahmedabad. Influencers who through accurate strategies, hard work, creativity, and consistency have made it big in the arena of Digital Marketing and are touching new pinnacles right now as well.

Let's dive deep to know more about these influencers and understand what has been their journey and hustles, so far

1. Bhavik Sarkhedi - Writer and Digital Marketer

A Mechanical Engineer by formal qualification, Bhavik has a keen interest and knack for creative writing. Owing to the fact that he had been journaling each day of his life from the age of 9, one thing that runs deep in his veins is the art of writing. The business model he developed has made him not only one of the top digital marketing influencers of Ahmedabad but also one of the best content writers in the world.

Though Content writing is a fundamental block in the gamut of Digital Marketing activities, you can learn how to make it big in all the domains from this exceptional influencer. Bhavik as of today is an author of 3 books -The C to T of Content Marketing, The Weak Point Dealer and, Will You Walk A Mile. He is also successfully running his Content Writing and Digital Marketing company called Write Right for 4 years now. To add to his list of achievements Bhavik also runs a few other Digital Marketing and Content-creation centric companies namely EStorytellers, Taletel, and Dad of Ad.

Even today, he is consistently innovating and navigating his sales in the turbulent waters of the online market, but one thing here is for sure that Bhavik is a pioneer of his domain who not only represents digital marketing talent from Ahmedabad but represents India on a global stage. From understanding the intricacies of the digital world to creating exemplary and fascinating content and written material, he is a role model that all newcomers of the industry look up to. The trends in the online industry change with the blink of an eye, and if someone knows how to leverage these trends to business’s advantage then Bhavik Sarkedi is the right person to be approached.

2. Digital Pratik - Marketing Consultant

The Internet is a highly democratic medium and those who genuinely create value for their audience grow in numbers online. “If you say that you are at the top, your work should demonstrate the same” and one person that justifies this phrase is none other than a top digital marketer from Ahmedabad, Digital Pratik.

Pratik is not only an acclaimed digital marketer but also a proud owner of the company Digital Pratik. In addition to being a marketer he is popularly known as the “Indian Romeo of building a successful & powerful personal brand”. A few of his niche areas are Digital Marketing, Digital Branding, Coaching, Training, and Content Creation. He is also a famous Speaker, Vlogger, and a popular social media influencer.

He started his adventurous journey in the world of marketing after dropping out of college, and this life event made him what he is today, a successful and influential digital marketing expert who is helping individuals and brands to grow each day. The Digital Pratik University and initiative by Pratik has now grown to a community of 9000 plus people, all through organic marketing and sheer value sharing. Pratik is a living example of how any individual, especially a student can leverage the online platforms to share value and grow exponentially in a short period.

He as an influencer not only believes in sharing what's valuable, but his content is purely based on actionable steps and motivating concepts. Content that has a pure motivating impact on the audience and nothing less. Digital Pratik is his brainchild, a famous and value-delivering brand that helps people and businesses seeking guidance in the domain of digital marketing.

3. Amit Panchal - Digital Marketing Expert

A thorough digital marketing professional with more than 10 years of ground experience, Amit Panchal has helped many acclaimed and famous brands with their marketing requirements. Being an independent digital marketing consultant, his top skills are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, reputation management, and SEO. He believes in creating customized branding and marketing strategies for each client, that can help them achieve their digital marketing goals much more efficiently.

You can also call him a “one-man army” when it comes to obtaining special weekly, monthly yearly digital marketing goals. A trainer, speaker, coach, and esteemed field professional Amit Panchal has made it to the list of top digital marketing influencers with noticeable creativity and hard work at each stage of his growth. He is a digital marketing expert who knows how to build a brand from scratch and take it to new heights and has also helped many startups and established enterprises achieve that stature.

Amit not only keeps himself updated with current online trends but seeks to further the knowledge among his social media and bloggers community at large. Currently, Amit has a large follower base on Linkedin and Twitter and is a very amicable and hardworking field professional in real life as well. A trailblazer and an influential expert are what sums up his efforts as a digital marketing influencer not only in Ahmedabad but pan India as well.

So this was a brief but insightful description of Top 3 Digital Marketing Influencers, who build themselves, their brand, and their community right from scratch and are today on the top from their cities and nation as well. They not only help brands and businesses but are also a source of great motivation for freshers and beginners hustling to flourish in the domain of Digital Marketing.

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