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Premium Quality Resume Writing Services in India

Whether you’re a fresher, a college student applying for internships, an employee seeking an appropriate job to exhibit your talents or an executive trying to get a job that suits your interests, a resume becomes the very first means to rightly present yourself to employers.

You might have prepared for your whole life to land on your dream job- studied harder to score more, completed various internships and projects, challenged yourself to improve your performance, struggled to build experience and hone your own personal skills. But hiring employers evaluate you within a matter of minutes from what they see in your resume.

According to a study, “Recruiters spend an average of 3.14 minutes reading a candidate’s resume and generally make up their mind within the first minute.”

Importance of having a good resume

A good resume is important to make an exceptional first impression to potential employers as well as to gain confidence while you present yourself in a job interview.

Always keep in mind that a good resume portrays your personal strengths and talents, describes what makes you unique and fit for the job you are applying for. A good resume should be the one that reflects yourself. While looking at your resume, employers are looking at you as a person and your abilities, goals and achievements.

A well-written resume aims to display your qualifications and inform the employer about your experiences in the past and goals you would like to achieve in the future while working in the organization, i.e your career objective. However, it simply doesn’t stress on one’s personal growth but rather insists on the benefits that you as a professional employee can bring to the company’s overall growth and development.

Why do you need a professional looking resume?

As a job applicant, it is imperative to have a professional looking resume that makes you stand out from other applicants and helps prospective employers determine whether you are the right person they’re seeking for the job.

Resumes and cover letters are important documents that help you find an apt career change. Strong first impressions and stand out formats guarantees and increases your chances of getting the job.

Employers often use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which is a software application used by recruiters to choose ideal candidates who meet the necessary requirements for the job. With the use of relevant keywords, you can easily increase your chances of being selected. Some of the professional resume writing services provided by companies include ATS optimized and highly customized resumes to meet the needs of their customers.

Are you struggling to convey your talents and work experiences on paper? Get high quality resume writing services from professional resume writers in India.

Write right

Write right helps you to build professional resumes and caters to all your resume needs. Write right consists of professional resume writers in India who come from diverse backgrounds and provide support to write for every industry. Their team of expert writers help you in customizing your resume by finding you the right combination of required skills, qualifications and keywords that are related to your job.

Write right aims to highlight your best skills and talents and strives to present you in the best light possible. For this purpose, the company allows you to communicate directly with the resume writers during the writing process.

The company offers various resume writing services such as Visual resume, International resume, Cover letter, CXO resume and creating a LinkedIn profile. You can also get your resume written in various formats and choose the best format option that suits your taste.


Estorytellers is one of the top notch content writing agencies with a team of highly experienced and professional resume writers in India. The company creates content for a wide range of spectrum and offers various writing services such as Ghost Writing, Email Writing, Website Content Writing, Brand Content Writing and much more.

As a top notch writing company, Estorytellers aims to provide good quality resume. For this purpose, your resume goes through multiple levels of quality checks. Likewise, they also ensure to check for proper grammar, layout and typography principles to provide your resume a professional format.

Thus the company specializes in providing an eye catching resume to entice prospective employers. They also provide customized and job portal friendly resume formats which help you to highlight your skills and strengths as per your job requirements. Estorytellers support job seekers in finding the perfect job they are looking for and assist you throughout the whole process.


Taletel specializes in resume writing and you can even get your cover letters written by them. Taletel’s team of in-house resume writers help you to craft a result driven resume. The company provides ATS friendly resume services which includes the use of executive keywords. This helps you to increase your chances of getting selected by the employers.

The writers are friendly to communicate with and you get to choose from several versions. They also adhere to a precise layout and strong design formats to obtain maximum readability. This would help you gain a better first impression on the eyes of the recruiters.

Taletel also provides exceptional services for candidates who apply for a government or an academic job. You can even give them your feedback and feel free to ask for further revisions, if you’re not satisfied with the draft.


It’s never too late to find the job of your dreams and to enjoy having a satisfied work life. With the help of professional resume writing services, you can get a resume that perfectly aligns with your qualifications and goals and easily be noticed by recruiters.

Always make sure to be prepared with a good resume in hand before you attend an interview. This would make sure that you feel confident with yourself and allows you to express yourself freely without any hesitation.

You can always get a job that perfectly suits you. Good Luck!

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