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"Here's your chance to give a boom to your career"

In this competitive era, everyone wants to succeed in ensuring their dream jobs, and an engrossing resume is an absolute key to it. An excellent resume can leave a lasting first impression on the recruitment board. So, your resume must be able to illustrate your best version. Your resume is undoubtedly the most important document for your career. Due to perplexity, most people consider it scary. There are a lot of things people get confused about, like how you will uphold all your information on a single page, what to add and what to remove. Most of you might struggle with what's the right format to write the resume. And sometimes some people don't understand what a fuss resume is!

What Is a Resume?

A resume summarizes your career, which may have just begun or has been going for several years. Generally, its length is one page, (more than this under certain conditions). It displays your relevant qualifications, training, and your work history, the responsibility you have held and presently handle. All this information compiled in one document makes it feasible for the hiring manager to glance at your qualifications and capability for a role.

Most individuals think that they can lean on their LinkedIn profile; it will serve the purpose of a resume for them. But, it's a big no, at some point, when you will start looking for a job you need a resume.

What's the Significance of a Resume?

There are several myths related to the resume. Let us clear it for you, it is often speculated that a resume gets you a job. Now, this is not true. The main objective of a resume is to secure you to an interview. If a recruiter liked your background through your resume they will reach you out for scheduling an interview. Proper evaluation of the skillet will be done, whether it matches their job requirements and the other relevant interpersonal skills to get you on board with them.

What to expect from a resume writing service?

Meet your job goals

Many resume writing services will do a lot of bragging about your skills and will miss the sole purpose of writing a resume. Targeting your desired goal is of the utmost importance.

Only the relevant qualifications that match the job requirement should be added.

Be open to feedback

Writing any draft, documents for a client is not a one-way process; it requires proper communication and feedback, suggestions from both ends. The other side should always be open to receive feedback, positively; regarding any changes in the text, or anything that is going out of track. This makes the association healthy without any dispute.

Affordable prices

The service should fall into affordable ranges, before opting for one, get insights into the market. The current prices in the market are starting Rs. 1700-2650; the mid-level is of Rs. 3,600, whereas the senior-most level prices are around Rs. 4,450. The resume writing service should be worth every penny. You must be aware of what you are getting for paying this amount. One should not fool you with extreme prices.


The resume writing services you are looking for must consist of a team of highly professional people. Reliability and honesty is something that the clients look for. The professionals you are hiring for your resume writing should never make any excuse to run away from any issue instead, they should try to find the solution.


In the professional world commitment and work goes hand in hand. It's the basis of any association. The team must be highly promising and committed to their deadlines. Commitment shows their quality to work.

There are various resume services online, but, there are only three-four out there, which you can consider out of the box but how do you choose the best fit?

Here's the answer we have covered, the top most out of box resume writing services in India, will help you to elevate your career graph.

Write Right

Write Right has been operating respected, high-quality resume services for the last few years. Within three-four years, this company has been able to set up a huge national and international client base. With this much time in the world of business, they have been able to amass a team of proficient resume writers around India. Also, they have excellent customer support. They have a vast variety of resume writing services like:-

Professional Resume

This consists of a resume that follows a common format that can be used by a fresher as well as by any experienced professional. It has a profile section, a concise overview of applicants skills, and experience, along the goals align with that specific job.

Visual Resume

In this kind of resume, their professional resume writer assists in giving the pictorial presentation that helps in reviewing key points in your resume. The visuals and graphics are used to enrich the authenticity of your resume.

International Resume

They create eye-grabbing International Resume, for professionals who want to work overseas. Their competent team will make your resume adapt and the expectations of the foreign company ;( including cross-cultural skills, following proper format and many more).

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

LinkedIn is the most used networking site by the top-most professionals. So, along with their resume writing services, they also assist in molding and optimize your LinkedIn profile. This helps the recruiter to pause and check on.

CXO Resume

They follow highly evolved resume guidelines that can make you stand out for an executive position. Their team makes sure you reach the top management level job.

Cover Letter

Along with a ravishing resume, they deliver a well-suited cover letter for you according to the position you have applied for. They include all the essential points, why are you suitable for the job? What you can do for the company, where you found the vacancy, etc


Estorytellers are one of the emerging names in India when we talk about resume writing services. They offer you outstanding resume writing services that will surely make you sparkle among the crowd of contenders. They offer resume writing services from basic to advance, whether you are an entry-level job seeker, or professional they have it all.

They have a versatile team of multiple writers, who have prior expertise in working with eminent clients. Their writers have that flair for word usage, they know the technical terms of all the respective fields. This helps them to shoot the arrow in the right place. Also, their resumes can easily pass the "Applicant Tracking System". They create clear texts that can smoothly be scanned by the system.

They provide a hassle-free experience, within a given deadline they will make your work done. Also, it is the secondary company of Write Right. They help to connect the dots with your capabilities by demonstrating them on your resume. This makes your resume grab the attention of industrial experts, therefore helping your career to thrive in the right direction.

Noticeable Things about Estorytellers:

Sample resumes templates and options

They have plenty of resume templates; they will show you the best templates and layout according to your needs. From basic resumes, samples to professionals followed by managerial positions they possess a wide variety. Even their cover letter designs are incredible.

Versatile Writers

With the fast paced work environment, Estorytellers have a team of versatile/adaptable resume writers. They are efficient in different niches; they resonate with the technicalities of the basic fields.

Work Ethics

What makes a team great? The work ethics. When we talk about this, Storytellers have writers, who practice punctuality, self-discipline, professionalism, and balance.


The moment you opt for their service, the writer will team up with you. This is not only your journey, but it's their journey also. They will timely update you with the progress in your work, consult you in case you want any changes and many more.


Taletel offers resume writing services for people of all skill levels, their uniquely designed resume will help you to outshine in your career. The resume writers are fast and responsive at writing a robust resume. Their team have specialized resume writers, of every sort of content the client wants. They have different resume writing packages you can choose, according to your needs. The Basic Professional one is well-formatted, the other one consisting of the Highly Evolved Writing Packages, which includes amazing cover letters. They also have efficient writers who can sprinkle the keywords throughout the resume that is directly related to the job (keyword-optimized resume). Their competencies with recent software increase the chances of selection of any candidates. Their quality of customer service is great. For feedback, you can talk to one of their resume writing experts. They will get back to you within one-two working days. Another aspect of this company is that it is always open for any revision in the work.

Most of the resume writing services follows the conventional methods of focusing only on the format and content. At times, this can make your resume sound boring and messy.

Here are high chances of the opportunity to slip away from your hands. This is something instinctive about Taletel with following the content and the format of the standard resume, their resume writers team use strong, persuasive writing that communicates with the why you the best fit.

Bonus Tips:-

Hiring professional resume writing is a one-time investment. These companies are the best because they successfully stand on the evaluation of their customers. Customers often review a dozen of companies nationwide but end up landing here. They make the whole document swimmable in a few seconds. Altogether these resume writing services write in both depths as well as the breadth of candidates. You have written many resumes that you have sent and then you never heard back. What went wrong?

Writing an excellent resume is a chore. So why waste your time and efforts when they are out of the box, skilled resume writing services delivered by these eminent companies. Remember, this could be a win-win situation for you.

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