Learning rules is important to break them!

Everyone is bent on chasing the "Cool tag." Breaking rules is one of the trending steps in joining the league.

History glorifies the winners who broke the rules and set benchmarks. It's essential to understand that whoever broke the established norms had to analyze and know the set conventional rules.

Therefore, blindly following the "cool" race ignoring the consequences of breaking the rules is mere foolishness.

The Workplace rulebook!

The modern workplaces are much cozier, transparent, and managed. The modernization and dissolution of hierarchical setup have led to a stronger relationship between employer and employee.

However, freedom, accessibility, and comfort come with responsibility. It's important to understand limitations and unsaid rules and ethics for smooth functioning. Often, becoming over intruding or unethical just for the sake of highlight can create problems.

Let's see things to keep in mind actually to become "cool" at the workplace!

Avoid Overstepping

Often, people overstep and make decisions that do not lie in their control. Never make decisions on anyone's behalf unless asked to do so. No matter how strong the bond you share with that colleague in the office or workplace. It can ruin your relationship and create a bad image.

Answer only when asked

Many times unknowingly, we cross the line foolishly. It's essential to understand the transparency clause. Answering and speaking jargon might worsen the scenario in some instances in the workplace.

Respect the authority

The times have changed, and bosses are no more big-bellied bullies. But, that does not mean you can overlook their commands or ignore the authority. Every workplace has discipline and breaking it has serious consequences.

Be responsible

Mistakes are inevitable in any job. It would be best if you were courageous enough to take the onus and accept your fault. Playing the blame game or hiding is very unprofessional.


Keep track of funds, resources, and tasks allocated. At the end of the year, you will be accountable for every expenditure. Also, even when money is not in question, you should check on your tasks and any significant decisions related to work.

Take away

Keeping in a set of ethics at the workplace improves efficiency and instills a sense of discipline. Also, in the long run, you can break boundaries when it's necessary. But, in the beginning, it's essential to comply with rules and basic ethics to absorb well in any workplace.

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