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How Will Digital Marketing Change The Way Of All The Business

The world has taken a leap towards digital marketing. According to an estimate, around 24 % of the 5700 surveyed businesses contribute hugely to social media for their success. The power of social media can be estimated with the fact that around 89 % of North Americans are on social media channels alone. It is a door of opportunity for those who are looking to take a greater bite of success. Today, companies are rising from scratch and becoming big players. How do you think they made it possible? There can be several factors but the most significant is the incorporation of tools and strategies of digital marketing in their business that contributed to their exponential growth. Brands are reaching out to influencers more often than before. With the advent of the latest Analytics tools, the format of Social media has changed completely. Now they are not merely a communication platform but a B2B and B2C marketing ocean.

  1. Increased traffic and engagement- The sole purpose of digital marketing is to take your business to a new height where your business can be touched by maximum people. It aims at expanding your business, turning your company from local to global. Digital marketing has helped businesses to expand rapidly with an increased number of sales and product distribution. Digital marketing is a huge field. It involves automation and manual techniques to improve brand visibility and conversion rate. Channelizing businesses through social media is on fire because social media marketing has helped B2C businesses to grow rapidly.

  2. The Digital Funnel- Before the digital revolution, the concept of funnel creation was an elaborate process and always took a salesperson to engage with a potential customer. That’s too much work. The advent of digital funnels, two powerful tools, multi-stage interactivity and Analytics, has helped to shorten the process and create effective sales funnel to target only the potential customer. The workspace can be personalized and you can run your business from your living room with a laptop or pc, thanks to Digital Marketing! With the combination of metrics, customer engagement statistics and interactivity, now it is possible to analyze customer behaviour patterns and using this data to provide personalized marketing response.

  3. Interactivity tracking- Social media enables people to connect with various companies, browse various products, ads etc. where people can ask questions, give feedback, like and engage with posts. All this activity can be shown in a graphical representation to enable businesses to understand customer behaviour, analyze the success percentage of a campaign and plan marketing strategy accordingly. Tools like SEMrush and keyword management software have enabled content writers to target potential customers through persuasive writing, thanks to digital marketing! People can track, follow, and watch influencers and successively enters the marketing funnel. Before 2019, it was not possible to engage people at this level but today it is possible due to digital marketing.

  4. Power of advertising- Advertising industry has taken a massive leap in recent years. Influencer marketing, social media marketing, funnel marketing, campaign-driven marketing, all this is possible due to digital marketing. Today, every big and small business can approach a marketing agency and ask them to advertise their business, brand, product or services. One of the greatest conveniences that digital marketing has welcomed is ‘no cost bar’, which means you can advertise even with a small investment. Gone are the days when companies had to put hefty sums of money into advertising. Another important factor is that it has given wings to startups and entrepreneurs who initially start with lesser investment.

  5. Ease of communication and feedback- Communication and feedback are pillars of Analytics and marketing strategy. With chatbots, it is now possible to converse directly with any customers that visit your website/ Business page. It uses text, voice and messages to answer queries and aware customer of your products. It is very useful and helps in conversion. Chatbots help in giving personalized services and target potential customers. Not only does it provide accurate and organized customer query management but it reduces the cost of hiring customer relation executives. You should be aware where to use chatbots, for ex- pages linked with social media platforms and software or products can harness its power.

  6. The power of influencer marketing- It is more likely for people to believe a real person’s reviews and recommendations more than any advertisement. People want to get surer about what they are investing in. Here comes in influencer marketing. Businesses can hire influencers across various platforms with a sufficient number of followers and ask them to recommend their services or product. People tend to convert more with this marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has become a million-dollar industry and it really works! Instagram and Facebook are two powerful platforms to generate sales and attract potential. The driving force of digital marketers is how well are they equipped with the latest trends and shifts. The more accurate your predictions and marketing strategy is, the more successful digital marketer you become.

  7. Artificial Intelligence- Do you know whether it’s a bot or real human who just responded to your campaign? No, then you have a catch here. Incorporating Blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence into your business analytics can help you track even the subtlest activity that software can’t track. It helps in tracking malicious bot activities and provides you more reliable and ‘ready-for-action’ analytics. With reliable information and statistics, it also gives you a more actionable marketing strategy. Benefits of AI include increased engagement rates, more sales and conversion, better customer relation, enhanced personalization and protection of marketing assets. It makes sure that every penny that you spend goes in the right direction.

Digital marketing is the new face of advertisement and the backbone of rapid success. Digital marketing has brought control in people’s hands and skyrocketed the sales trajectory. It is therefore important for businesses not to ignore this opportunity and dive into the world of digital opportunity and dominate the market.

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