How advertising has evolved?

Advertising began when the selling started!

Advertising is a scientific process involving creative concepts to channelize viewers' attention towards a particular problem. It's a bridge merging the desires of customers with the businesses offering the solution to desires.

The modes of advertising have changed over the past few years. In earlier times, pamphlets, newspapers, Televisions, and radios were used as advertising means. Advertising on these media was always a one-sided interaction.

But, with changing the time and evolution of the internet, the one-sided communication became two-sided.

Do you know the internet empowered the sellers & buyers?

Now both consumers and businesses communicate. The sellers are independent of interacting with the end-users directly.

They can take reviews and improve their services to expand. The consumers are also empowered as they feel heard and more effectively served.

The internet has created an alternative space where any business big or small is free to compete. This has significantly made the competition more robust, and therefore, advertising reforms occurred and are continuously going on.

Do you ever a Myntra sale pop up on Instagram and immediately jump to the platform to check out?

If yes, then you already know fundas being adopted to reach a wider audience or prospective leads!

The social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and twitter are hubs for major businesses to advertise their stuff. Since the rules guiding the internet are still not very strict in some places, it's almost like the fish market.

Anyone who enters and shouts loud gets more sales!

Competent ad content and promotion campaigns are necessary to adapt to the evolution going on.

The year 2020 has brought a series of changes in every arena of lives, advertising and media are no exception. The media and advertising on the internet are at their peak since most businesses are turning online to showcase their stuff.

Users are paying for no-ads.

The premium version of Netflix, Amazon, Voot, and Youtube has no ads. People are opting out of irritating ads. So you already have a significant section uncovered while promoting your brand on the internet. The data reveals that around $22 billion of revenue was generated when people signed up for no-ad service.

The smarter audience is very selective. The brands need hard work on advertisements to be even heard. It's not like the old days when you had a one-way conversation.

Today people can interact and research about services and products you are offering.

If the services you offer are not good enough, you won't have a chance to be seen. The content should be informative, catchy, genuine, and better than the rest.

Reviews & User-generated Content Works!

The company "Polaroid" uses TINT to capture user-generated data and then use it in ads. People are smart enough to understand the real and fake now!

They relate to real experiences, reviews, and personal opinions about brands. For example, whenever you buy something from Myntra, it's a general tendency to check reviews and pics of the person who purchased the same product.

It's an ingenious way to make viewers relate and trust your brand.

TINT is the future of advertising!

It's a technology where user-generated content can be put into advertising!

Advertising is about businesses and people! The evolution is simultaneous and co-dependent!

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