Five ways to promote synergy in your organization

Has it ever occurred to you that you walk in a room full of people whom you claim to know, but in reality, you cannot connect?

It's a very typical scenario, especially in more prominent organizations with multiple branches and departments.

You may bump into someone with whom you have been working for more than a year or so, but you don't know them. Generally, this does not have any significant impact on overall productivity. Still, in the long run, when you share a familiar brand's name and vision, it's impairing not to know someone so close.

Also, understanding the roles, responsibilities and functions of other departments can boost collaborative skills. The potential energy will slightly gain momentum when one department understands the relevance of their task in the overall big picture.

Let's see how can you promote synergy in your organization.

Each employee from various department shares the vision and mission of the company. Group symposium, meets and activities that communicate the vision and common goal shall help people connect and discuss ideas to enhance each other's contribution.

The hierarchical setup makes employees feel alienated. Try to create an environment more inclusive. Communicate and discuss your roles and challenges with colleagues from different departments. Do not wait for the right time because time will never be right!

Smaller, bigger and every role is essential. Even the canteen department in the office is a crucial portion. Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated for their purposes. Organize events to celebrate individuals contribution from every department.

Gone are the times of black and white offices and snobby bosses. Before, initiating any meeting, choose a fun activity like a question-answer round. Such small events can manifest more natural interaction.

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