Brand advertising and conversion strategy

The comfort depends on familiarity!

When you meet a person for the first time, it isn't easy to relate, trust, and build connections. On the other hand, when you meet someone familiar or talked about or known is some way, it's easier to make a connection.

A similar approach applies here, as well!

At first look, Brand advertising might look like wasting money on shouting your own's brand name loud!

But, as you dig deeper, you will realize Brand advertising helps in making the audience aware of your existence. It instills trust, reliability, and credibility. Someone who grew up watching a "lifebuoy" advertisement on Television will surely buy the same brand once he/she is grown up to purchase by himself/herself.

Brand advertising is about making the logo to stick in the minds so that they instinctively go for the brand without considering options. For example, for 80% of Indian households, coffee is "Nescafe."

No one denies the universal strength of digital platforms. Advertising on digital is trackable, ROI acts as an indicator, and more CTA(call to action) oriented. On the other hand, advertising on Television is one way, and tracking is difficult. But, the reach and dependability the medium can generate cannot be taken lightly.

Why do you think something completely digital-like, "The GoDaddy" uses brand advertising?

It's because digital might skip a section still untouched by technology. Or, the relevance and accessibility of mass media like television ads are running deep down in the veins and arteries. Television or mass media is still a credible, authentic, and reliable source of information amongst a wider audience.

Every new brand or business wants to be known and heard. The frequency of a viewer watching a television ad or hearing a brand jingle is much more impactful. Digital is growing, but brand advertising sets you apart.

The logos, jingles, and creative pitches bring familiarity, which eventually increases the click-through rates. Brand awareness is the first step in the conversion strategy. A buyer is more likely to click when he/she instantly connects with the audience through the logo(Appearing every time in the advertisement ).

How can you measure brand awareness?

1. Search results - Juggle through the keywords related to your brand. Use online research tools to gather search value or search capacity of the brand's name or related keywords.

2. Traffic - Constantly keep an eye on the traffic on your website.

3. Review - Check reviews about your brand on different platforms like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and IMDb.

Coca Cola invested around $3.3 billion in advertising and brand awareness in 2013. The impact is so profoundly rooted that whenever someone buys a coke, it's Coca Cola. "Chevrolet" logo on the T-shirts of Manchester United player adds a recall value in the minds of fans whenever they think about buying a car.

The formula is simple. If anyone wants to sell, tighten up to be seen!

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