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Best Recommended Statement of Purpose Writing Online in India

What is SOP?

Statement of purpose (SOP) also known as Purpose of a Personal Statement is way of introducing yourself to the interview panel or any selection committee of any institution.

So, when you give your full potential to academics and any other achievements it acts as your side kicks. What really wins the heart of your interviewer is Statement of Purpose; you can clearly see it is the ‘Heart’ of your application. Application to any foreign university involves a rigorous selection process. Here, things like Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are considered and often given higher weightage than that of academic grades.

You see, Your SOP can make or break your dream of studying in that one college which you admired since childhood, or there is another option of you being wise and leaving the crucial work of writing SOP to the professional writers.

Kushal Srinivas, a postgraduate aspirant starting graduate school in January 2019, credits his personal essay towards his acceptance at Northeastern University. ‘Despite an incredibly low undergraduate GPA, he took advantage of the SOP to highlight his strengths and develop an entrepreneurial streak during his tenure as a prospective graduate student’.

Many people miscalculate the impact of SOP to any other random essay, but on contrary your SOP require in- depth analysis, extended preparation and inclusion of important key words that the reader would be looking for. But I will help you out so that you hustle less and get work done more, just keep reading!

Importance of SOP for an interview

Let me tell you an example. Think of a situation “where you set off to sail in a boat in the ocean, imagine you do not have a compass and you do not have a map for the direction in the ocean or anything…you just jumped into the boat and kept sailing…thinking you will get to other coast.” How would you define that journey? You would think of that person who puts himself into this kind of situation as stupid, because he does not know where he is going or what he is doing. It is the same thing with higher education. You should have a goal and you should know how you are going to get to your goal and why do you want to get to your goal too. Universities treat SOP very seriously and they read your SOP. It is particularly important you write a good Statement of purpose interweaving your goals, your achievements, how will you achieve your goals and what do you really want to accomplish in life, etc. Some important points to take note of are:

  • It is the primary introductory of your application to the selection committee.

  • SOP displays your communication skills.

  • It gives the interviewer a window to look through your aspirations, experiences and academic qualifications.

  • The personal statement is a very vital part of an application to a course/ degree.

  • It can make your path or block it of being awarded a scholarship or seat to an educational institution.

  • The main purpose of SOP is to grab the attention of selection committee, help them understand your application and convince them of your application stability for scholarships or seat at the institute.

  • It helps in deciding your invite to an interview, which is the next step then.

Now, you know what is SOP and why is it important. We can get on to further steps of which are the Professional SOP Writing Companies that you can contact to get that best out of your Statement of Purpose.

In the World with so many opportunities I will help you sort it out to TOP 3 SOP writing companies you can hire in India.

Write Right

This is a company founded by a noticeably young entrepreneur Bhavik Sarkhedi. This is an Ahmedabad- based content writing agency specializes in SOP writing. The company started 5 years back and has successfully been one of the best leading content writing agencies in India. What will really impress you about this company is that the team invests ample time in getting to know you. Before framing out you SOP project, the team indulges in detailed session where the writer can talk with you to understand what your core strength and weakness are. They have a balanced team of writers and editors who know their job well.

Once the team has collected all the facts, they get to work with SOP in such a manner that any of your weakness shines like a stepping stone to your success story. The thorough research that the writers of Write Right do for the college you are applying and those key facts are added to your SOP.

The process is quite simple; they will give you a questionnaire holding basic information about you, which you would have to fill. The next step would be to write content accordingly and finally editing the same to get best quality write-up. And, more importantly, they won’t cost much as compared to the quality they provide. This is one of the most efficient ways of expressing your interest and making the admission committee feel how lucky they are to have you!


Estorytellers have a dedicated and hard- working team of 25 writers that are committed to support the team, they make together the most competent team of writers and will surely do the trick to your story as well. Client satisfaction is the company's main motive and they aim at providing the work right on time. The writers provide free edits as well until you are happy with the SOP. The team of Estorytellers SOP writers interacts with the aspirants from diverse backgrounds to understand their profile. It helps the team to offer documents that help you apply for different courses confidently.

Estorytellers have taken hundreds of students under their wing and guided their career on right track by giving them a mesmerizing SOP that takes the attention of the interviewer. SOP writing is just not the only task they have specialization in; apart from SOP writing they supply services in 20+ different content types. With a lot spent on the entire application process, you need budget-friendly SOP writing services, isn’t it? Estorytellers help you get budget- friendly deals on SOP writing services. If you have really decided for a foreign college, don’t you think it's time to think about hiring a professional SOP writer will be a smart choice.


The writers at Taletel understand the importance of your money and time. They consider the factor that it’s a tough time for you. As a student we all understand the priority of time we need to prepare for our interview and save that one seat of your dream college that can give you scholarship. Their services have a massive reach with a client base rooted in foreign lands as well. Accuracy with precision is what they are renowned for and have been consistently delivering if we turn the pages of the past. So, Taletel is where you head towards.

They swiftly customize your SOP based on the college you are applying to. They are the new most popular SOP provider in India and have already mastered to keep up with the prompt updates of SOP that the admission committee is looking for. Even the writers of Taletel undergo a strict selection process which gives you ample proof of their work quality that they provide.


While there is concrete proof about the weightage of Statement of Purpose when it comes to admission, but we all know it plays a key role in our one chance to make it or break it to the college acceptance and surely you want to make it perfect. So, in this the professional SOP writer can make this job easy for you.

The personal statement is your chance to shine among thousands of students. Not only is it a World Map to your individuality, but also a chance to enhance your skills and strength. While it never hurts if you want to draft your SOP, but one must remember that a work done by professionals can never go wrong.

The SOP clearly shows the MAP that judges your personality. This MAP stands for Motivation, Aspiration and Perspiration, something that should be clearly written in your Statement of Purpose.

“Action is the Fundamental key to Success.”

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