5 Tips on How to be a cool boss

The office can be horrifying with a "BOSS!" like a boss. New generation offices are in trend. Many talks are revolving around how to make offices a more welcoming and comfortable space.

Well, like homes offices are also built by humans. But, once someone is in authority, it's very natural sometimes to become unreasonably dominant.

Here are a few ways to become a cool boss without compromising authority!

Learn anger management

Controlling anger can prevent yourself and others around you from loss. Heat management is an essential part of leadership. Loosing cool, not only makes you look unprepared but also it makes you look incapable. If anything goes wrong, loosing cool can worsen the situation.

Do not separate lunch tables

The hierarchical setup makes one less important than the others. Yes, you are the boss, but it's ok. You can chill and interact with employees that help you know them better. You can also figure out the loopholes once you get along them.

Lead with logic

People who enter your office doors are available to work for the betterment of your organization. Their job is to perform their role and get paid for their work.

So do not impose —unnecessary burden without logic. If you ask any of the employees to work out of their league or comfort, be logical and explain them politely. Many times not knowing the reason behind some trivial task is irritating and can degrade productivity.

Empower others

A significant part of being a good boss is giving credit. Sometimes it's essential to step back and let someone else shine. Empowering others makes you a true leader.

Open room for criticism

People who work with you understand the functionality and loopholes of your system. Be welcoming about criticism, it helps in improving productivity and makes peers feel important. It gives power to employees to have an opinion and do something about it.

Take away

A comfortable workspace and a cool boss are the primary needs of every employee who spends a significant part of his life in the office. Promoting organizational harmony and a healthy work environment can boost overall productivity.

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