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All marketing companies around the world struggle to come up with impactful and creative online campaigns. From ideation, strategizing, executing your goal to advertising your campaign and generating leads, you need to do multifold smart work and put in a great effort. With the boom in people's internet consumption during the pandemic, it is vital to know how one can surf the turbulent waters online and analyze the enhancing tastes and preferences of the audience when it comes to media and content consumption.

Here is a list of 5 tips that can make you sustainably successful in online advertising and marketing as an individual, brand or even a marketing agency -


Since ages web designers have never failed to gather and hold the online traffic's attention, because great online designs are mindful and creative. Suiting to the theme and the tone of your product, campaign or vision you must choose the web design that is eye-catching and vibrant rather than subtle and monotonous.

A website or web page with colourful and practical designs will show the effort that has gone into designing and subconsciously holds the audience for more extended periods to your web address. The time that has gone into making these lucrative web designs is worth the investment from all ends.

You may be an individual trying to drive traffic to an online blog or portal or a company trying to generate revenue through online campaigns. The strategy of innovative and breathtaking web designs will work for all if done keeping in mind the scheme and design aesthetics. For you to create a significant first impact, designing and content arrangement can help you load.


Most active online users profoundly understand the importance of using great fonts while designing top-notch content. If you overlook the fonts and content placement fundamentals before publishing then things might not go in your favour.

Internet-savvy people know what crucial role fonts and colour scheme can play towards enhancing and improving the content quality. Big blogs and websites always leverage fonts and aligning techniques to drive attention to exciting parts of their website and stimulate a response in their favour that can either be a click or an order placement from their portal.

Knowing about the typography and content placements pillars of website design, you are indeed ready to turn the winds in your favour better than your online competitors. So from now on look closely as to how any great website uses fonts to their advantage.

#3 THE ALWAYS WORKING SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) STRATEGY

As the internet is getting populated with creators, one thing that can serve a boon is knowing how SEO actually works. Seeing the top view all we ever hear is that SEO is a hard nut to crack and a tricky field to delve in. But it's not. Any good youtube video or SEO expert' blog will bust the myth promoting that SEO is challenging and expensive.

Successful online campaigns use SEO extensively for all search engines and social media platforms making their posts, content and pages top the search engine numbers even with a single keyword. So the evergreen advice is to give SEO a mindful shot and discover the fantastic insights on using SEO to your advantage in the long term.

With the right knowledge about the SEO guidelines, you will understand the game of writing keywords or hashtags and dramatically create content that will work and build massive online impacts.


Across all industries, the top players never fail to take advantage of the social, cultural, economic and technology trends floating around the internet. Being it a mouthwatering ZOMATO tweet or a highly attractive Amazon sale pop up. Big brands know what the audience may search for today and how an online pop up may satiate this urge. This idea is their armour to remain afloat always.

While many data science and analytics make such advertising work for them, incase of a beginner or an intermediate creator, you can always start small. Trying to leverage festivity fervour, trending hashtags and famous meme-like ideas to your social media marketing plan will not only reap maximum benefits but also make you meet your advertising and audience impact goals.

Learning from the audience and their preferences eventually helps you create content and ideas that the audience naturally likes. Publishing it effectively with the online trends as they happen will surely be the cherry on the cake.


One of the most underrated ways to promote yourself online is the active use of emails and newsletter subscriptions. But the experts of the domain know that newsletters and emails are a direct way of sweeping into your customers or audience's mailbox.

Weekly or monthly creative and insightful newsletters and emails won't let subscribers forget about you. Adding value to your emails can make the subscribers wait for the next edition to pop in.

All successful advertising initiatives can help make your emails and newsletters a robust advertising funnel and help you take advantage of it. You can also do subtle promotions of your upcoming content and products. All the typography and design basics, you have learned over time will come in handy while creating these emails and newsletters. Putting in a pinch innovation and colour to this advertising funnel will keep you away from the customers' spam folders.


In the end, successful advertising is a child of multiple, simple yet impactful promotional initiatives where things as little as a font and as big as a brand campaign come together to make your online presence noticed and eventually loved. If you also want to do successful advertising and reap long-term benefits, please feel free to use all the tips together or mix and merge them in your sweet way to catch hold of your audience, leverage their interest and generate a favourable action from their end.

Remember always, to never fail from experimenting with online advertising and marketing, because innovation and personal touch have a huge impact in dealing with humans and their attention span…!

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