5 Reasons Why video content marketing works

Videos, a staple part of our diets, is an important marketing tool. They are fun to watch, easily memorable and quick to catch up. There are multiple genres and types of videos floating over the internet.

What'app, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram are no more just social connectivity platforms. They are more like an alternate universe where people find friends, explore feed and stories and shop.

Trends revealing Video content marketing growth

1. Almost 75 million people watch videos every minute around the globe.

2. Approximately 50% of the videos play on mobile devices.

3. 80% per cent of the traffic on the internet is a result of videos.

4. Short videos receive more prominence over long videos.

Why Video marketing works better?


Videos bring 100 times to increase in traffic from SERP. We are homo sapiens and sound is our weakness. Videos have sounds, visuals and content in a crisp format which makes this format more engaging.


How many of reading the "Harry Potter book?". The number of viewers of movies in any language is far more than readers. Reading is an intelligent, patient task, and it requires time. Not everyone is a good reader!

But, everyone likes movies and videos and crisp information in a short time.

Videos promote lead conversions.

Research from authentic sources showed that 74% of people who watched explainer videos bought it. Our brains are programmed to transfer information in a visual format. Vision is a very dominant part that imagines if still, pictures make a difference, then moving images can turn the tables.

Videos add credibility

Videos add credibility to the brand. Content marketing is about serving information in an impactful manner so that customers come to you on their own. Video marketing instils a sense of interaction. It's more convincing and fosters trust. Videos are the new generation key in converting leads into prospective clients.

Rank higher with videos

Having a video embedded on your website or blog is extremely important. Videos improve your ranking in the google search results. When Google acquired Youtube, videos became a critical parameter in Google ranking.

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